Your in-home strength training partner.

BYZOOM FITNESS focuses on space-saving strength training equipment that is suitable for home use. We emphasize on effectiveness, aesthetics and most importantly - safety.

Our vision is creating an efficient home fitness space
for everyone so you can "Bring The Gym Home"

Essential for Fitness
Ideal for beginners or advanced users

We focus on inventing and innovating fitness products for home use. Our mission is to provide high quality goods for a limited space at home so you can fit your gym in just a corner of your house.


We have more than 30 years of design experience, R&D and manufacturing capabilities, as well as a high-quality control standard. Before each product is released to the market, it needs to go through rigorous testing procedures. Our brand is recognized and distributed internationally so everyone around the world can enjoy the convenience of home training.


BYZOOM FITNESS wants to revolutionize the way fitness equipment is usually perceived as: bulky and unflattering. We emphasize on sleek, minimalistic designs which brings you convenience and effectiveness along with a touch of aesthetics into your household.

Focus on function

Less is more. Our products are designed with minimal footprint to free up living space at home. We also try to condense multiple training equipments into one to make our products more efficient and resource saving. This can also reduce the environmental impact due to consumption.

BYZOOM FITNESS has a number of engineers and designers working together to form our R&D team. We continue to improve our designs to provide consumers with the best products that meet their quality standards. We have patents covering the eastern and western markets, which not only protects our intellectual property rights but also further controls the quality since it prevents BYZOOM FITNESS's products from being copied. We currently hold more than 30 patents worldwide.