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Who we are

ByZoom Fitness.

Our vision is simple, to enable our customers to bring the gym home. We aim to achieve this by focusing on designing, creating and developing innovative products for the home fitness space.

Our Aim

Why we do what we do.

We believe everyone should have access to equipment to keep in shape without the usual complexities of space, time and money that a gym can cost. Combining our R&D competence with 30 years of manufacturing experience we are aiming to create versatile, durable and efficient products to change the mentality for home exercise and are committed to create an effective yet flexible in-home workout space for our customers.

What next

Where we are going

Through the combination of visual design, research and development as well as continuous testing, we guarantee to create products that are effective, fashionable and have a minimal environmental footprint. Testing quality and endurance before they go to market to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness. We aim to build our brand to help our customers achieve their goals and help grow the awareness and importance of home fitness, especially highlighted since the implications and impacts of COVID-19. Shop our range of products now with more coming soon.