11.3KG/25LB Dumbbells Bundle
11.3KG/25LB Dumbbells Bundle
11.3KG/25LB Dumbbells Bundle with stand
11.3KG/25LB Dumbbells Bundle white
11.3KG/25LB Dumbbells Bundle

11.3KG/25LB Dumbbells Bundle
Pure Series White Dumbbells, Kettlebell, Stand and Easy Bar

  • Turn your dumbbells into barbells in no time. The easy bar can be used for both 12.5lb and 25lb dumbbells
  • Save space at home and fit your entire gym in just one corner
  • Includes:
    2 x 11.3kg/25lb Adjustable Dumbbell (5-in-1)- Pure White
    1 x 13.6kg/30lb Adjustable Kettlebell (5-in-1)- Pure White
    1 x (5.6kg/12.5lb), (11.3kg/25lb) Adjustable Dumbbell Stand-White
    1 x 4.5kg/10lb Easy Bar (for 12.5lb, 25lb Dumbbells)- Pure White
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To change between weights, lift the selector pin and slide it left or right to the desired weight. Release the pin, repeat the same step on the other side and start your workout.

3 weight equipment

Dumbbells, Barbells, Kettlebell. All you can lift in 1 Pure Series Set

Patented Secure Lock mechanism

Turn your dumbbell sets into a barbell

5 weight adjustments

Seconds to adjust weight