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Stylish and innovative to enhance your training experience

Fully immerse yourself in your training with the PURE Series Set. Turn your dumbbells into a barbell with our Easy Bar in just seconds.

Get your own set of dumbbells, barbell and kettlebells for a complete workout experience

Adjust the weight in seconds with our patented adjustment mechanism on all three items.

Pure Series: 12.5lb adjustable dumbbell x2 or 25lb adjustable dumbbell x2, 30lb adjustable kettlebell x1, easy bar x1, adjustable dumbbell stand x1, foldable bench x1

Unique design to quickly switch between barbells and dumbbells

Simply clip the Easy Bar onto the dumbbell handle, turn the knob to secure it tightly and start your workout.

Easily adjust the weight with the patented mechanism

Just pull up the adjustment pin, slide it left or right and let go for a quick weight adjustment.

Foldable bench with a standing storage function

This bench comes with a space-saving construction which lets it be stored upright, thus taking up much less space at home. Easily place it down horizontally and adjust the backrest for a comfortable workout.

Create your own elegant home gym

Store your entire Pure Series Set in just a corner of your house so you can work out in style every day.


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