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Five Weight Adjustable Dumbbell (Buy 2 for a Pair), (50LB/22.5kg).


The Most Streamlined Space Saving Adjustable Dumbbell.

Our single adjustable dumbbell is built for efficiency: buy 2 for a pair and add these must have dumbbells to your home workout fitness space. With a fifteen-weight adjustment setting, of 2.5 - 5lbs increments plate to plate (approximately 1.15-2.25kg), you have the flexibility and versatility to train your strength without the clutter of multiple weights. Featuring durable molding and materials, these dumbbells are the perfect addition to your gym.

Multi-Weight Adjustment.

With a Five Weight Range.


Modular Length.

Increases size and length depending on weight Unlike other brands.



Comes with a One Year Warranty.

With guarantee to our quality service.



Crafted from Premium Materials.

Of the highest quality to ensure long lasting use.



The Dumbbell with a Fifteen Weight Modular Weight Adjustment.

With our unique multinational patent, we have created an adjustable dumbbell that challenges the traditional dumbbell, without the sacrifices of quality and function. Differing and improving from a standard weight adjustable dumbbell with increased weight, simultaneously changing length and volume with the five-weight modular system designed to focus, improve and enhance your weight training experience.



Technical Specification & Shipping

Model/Weight: 50lbs, 22.67kg
Plate Weight: 10lbs per Plate (4.53kg)
Tray Weight: 2.6lbs, 1.2kg
Total Weight: Including Packaging: Approximately 25kg 

Dumbbell Size: 35cm (Length) x 20.7cm (Width) x 20cm (Height)
Tray Size: 42.7cm (Length) 28.55cm (Width) x 8.8cm (Height) 

Materials: Aluminum, Steel, PP, Nylon, ABS.

Designed in Taiwan: Developed in China.


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